Sony Reveals PS5 Fully Customizable With Different Little Hats

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NEW YORK—Emphasizing that the new feature would represent the cutting edge of what the next generation has to offer, Sony revealed Thursday that the PlayStation 5 will be a fully customizable console that allows users to put different hats atop it. “We designed the PlayStation 5 from the ground up with player customization in mind, which is why we’re letting gamers everywhere place a little baseball cap or fedora on the console,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan, noting that gamers had never before experienced the thrill of personalization offered by adorning their PlayStations with a small fez, tyrolean cap, or jaunty cabbie’s hat. “That means that if you’re playing a more serious title like The Last Of Us Part II, you might opt for a formal homburg hat to honor the occasion. Whereas if you’re going for a more fun-loving look, you might try a tiny porkpie hat and, who knows, maybe even a paisley scarf. This is what the next generation is all about, and we at Sony could not be more excited to finally offer it for a mere $14.99 per hat.” Ryan cautioned, however, that due to vent placement, gamers could not put a hat on the console and then play it for longer than 15 minutes without creating a serious fire hazard that could threaten the lives of them and their families.