Sportswriter Has Hunch Team Will Use Bye Week To Get Healthy

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DETROIT—Admitting that his hunch is entirely unsubstantiated, ESPN sportswriter Michael Rothstein reportedly proposed Thursday that the Detroit Lions are using their current bye week to get healthy. “I’ve been covering football for a while, so I have a pretty good feeling the Lions are taking advantage of this off week to rest up and focus on getting healthy,” said Rothstein, theorizing in purely speculative terms that Lions head coach Jim Caldwell realizes it’s a long season and is possibly letting his players recuperate so they can go into the second half of the season strong. “Now, I obviously can’t say for certain, but I’d be willing to bet that every player on the roster wants to be at 100 percent as the Lions fight for control of the NFC North. At the same time, maybe—just maybe—they’re taking their minds off football for a few days so they can be mentally rejuvenated for their Week 10 matchup against the Dolphins. But again, there’s no way of knowing for sure one way or the other.” Though Rothstein emphasized that his theory is merely conjecture, the NFL analyst went on to say with “reasonable confidence” that everyone on the Lions is focused on bringing a Super Bowl championship to Detroit this season.