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NEW YORK—Following years of declining profits and lackluster attendance at its locations throughout the United States, the Statue of Liberty Corp. announced Thursday that the company will be shuttering all but its flagship statue in New York City. “While the Statue of Liberty chain of historic statues has for years proudly welcomed visitors at sites across the country, we regrettably have no choice but to shut down all statues except for the one on Liberty Island, beginning next month with the Statues of Liberty in Boston, Dallas, and St. Cloud, Minnesota,” Statue of Liberty Corp. CEO Richard Aguilar told reporters, confirming rumors that the struggling company would be closing all but one of the 2,700 colossal torch-bearing monuments that have become a familiar sight in almost every American city. “In hindsight, the tremendous success of the first Statue of Liberty may have caused us to overextend beyond what the marketplace could bear. Now we need to do what’s right for the Statue of Liberty brand and our shareholders.” The downsizing of Statue of Liberty Corp. stands in stark contrast to the robust expansion enjoyed by Mount Rushmore Inc., which just last month unveiled new granite presidential monuments in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Toronto.


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