Stroller Recalled After Manufacturer Discovers Branding Not Visible Enough

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PHILADELPHIA—Claiming the products should never have left the factory floor with such blatant defects, infant-mobility giant Graco issued a recall of several stroller models Thursday after discovering that the company’s branding was not visible enough. “We apologize to anyone who recently purchased one of our products, especially the Snugrider or FastAction Fold Jogger, and are now in the unfortunate position of being unable to clearly see multiple versions of our logo, but it is imperative that you do not attempt to place your child in this stroller, as they will not be adequately exposed to the branding necessary for proper mental development,” Graco spokesperson Estrella Huizar said in a press release, which noted that the company has agreed to either issue a refund for the substandard self-promoting products or to exchange potentially anonymous strollers for a model emblazoned with ‘Graco’ in gigantic letters. “If you or your loved ones are unable to see our iconography on any item, or even if you have any doubts about whether someone else might struggle to identify the brand, please discontinue its use immediately. Better to be safe with our marketing than sorry. If you are unable to send the equipment back, we will happily send you a massive sheet of decals to place on the stroller, but under no circumstances should you put your child at risk of potential consumer illiteracy by exposing them to unbranded gear.” Graco has thus far received over 50,000 defective strollers.