Strongside/Weakside: Carson Wentz

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After being selected second overall in the 2016 NFL Draft, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz opened the season with a nearly flawless performance in a victory over the Cleveland Browns. Is he any good?



  • Becoming more comfortable with faster pace of NFL locker room banter
  • Will be considered a mobile quarterback for another year or two
  • Plays with the kind of skin color that Philly fans absolutely love
  • Last name sounds the same when drunkenly slurred by 60,000 spectators
  • Red hair and fair complexion form perfect accent to the midnight-green hue of the Eagles’ home uniform
  • Little pressure knowing city will eventually turn on him no matter what happens


  • Large Philadelphia Quaker population could seduce him into a life of quiet pacifism
  • Classy professionalism making it hard for Philadelphia fans to identify with him
  • May have hard time adjusting to NFL-level competition after spending training camp with Eagles
  • Took almost three months to prove he was better than Sam Bradford
  • Often screams at God for allowing receiver to drop pass
  • Still retains some bad habits from college like enjoying game on a fundamental level