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Strongside/Weakside: Sidney Crosby

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Sidney Crosby may be the best player in the NHL. But is he any good?


  • Quite the little hockey player
  • Inducted into NHL Hall of Fame after third game
  • Unlike many star athletes, doesn’t have to worry about distraction of being recognized on the street
  • Once scored a goal that made the goalie’s Gatorade bottle fly off the top of the net
  • Is also Alexander Ovechkin
  • Uses skates to make shaved ice treats for kids in the stands


  • Insists referees turn off icing before every match
  • During face-offs, opposing players often steal his stick and jersey to sell at sports memorabilia auctions
  • Despite great hands and soft touch, lost a face-off in 2003
  • Never replaces his ice divots after slapshots
  • New Reebok Sidney Crosby skates not selling as well as most would have hoped
  • As is the case with star Pittsburgh athletes, is at high risk for contracting Hodgkin’s disease or dying in a plane crash while flying supplies to disaster victims