Illustration for article titled Struggling Forever 21 Reminds Teens That Parents Won’t Notice $20 Missing From Wallet Every Now And Then

LOS ANGELES—Revamping its business model as it reportedly prepares to file for bankruptcy, retail fashion chain Forever 21 debuted a brand-new, multi-city ad campaign Thursday to remind teenage consumers that parents don’t notice if, every once in a while, a $20 bill goes missing from their wallet. “We’re refocusing on the 13-to-18-year-old demographic and letting them know that if you just help yourself to a few dollars here and there, no one will be the wiser and you’ll soon save up enough for our new line of tops, leggings, and jumpsuits,” said Forever 21 marketing supervisor Brandon Sturt, adding that your mom probably doesn’t even know how much cash is in her purse and, if you think about it, she’s been kind of a bitch lately. “One of our new billboards features a model holding a finger to her lips conveying to teens their secret is safe with us. In the unlikely event they do get caught by their mom or dad, we are urging our young patrons to simply tell their parents that if they’re that hard up for cash, they shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.” Forever 21 executives expressed hope that this latest marketing effort will prove more successful than last year’s “We Don’t Care If You Shoplift, Take Whatever” campaign.


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