Student Travels To Remote Indian Temple To Train With Legendary Yoga Ball

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RISHIKESH, INDIA—Arriving early Friday at a remote Himalayan temple after weeks of strenuous travel, American yoga student Jennifer Miller dressed in the traditional moisture-wicking clothing required of pilgrims, unrolled her ceremonial rubber mat, and began his training under the legendary yoga ball known internationally as The Round One. “Ever since my guru tasked me with reading Ball Rishi’s book, I have known that the only way to truly elevate my yogic discipline would be to make the brutal journey out here and bask in his wisdom for myself,” said Miller, a yoga devotee and marketing director from Sacramento, California, who undertook a six-day trek through flooded Ganges marshland in 100-degree heat to reach the steps of the ancient studio where the famed orb resides with his coterie of yoga blocks. “This most revered ball is rumored to be nearly 150 years old and is said to have spent its entire existence, since mere moments after its inflation, in the practice of yoga. Its methods may be controversial, as the ball has transcended beyond the need for food and water and subsists only on breath, but I am awed by the amount of mental and spiritual strength necessary for The Round One to sit in utter silent and spherical contemplation for 24 hours a day. I do not approach this undertaking lightly, but I know if I truly commit myself to the methods of the ball, I will be completely transformed.” Miller was last seen fleeing into the Himalayan foothills moments after a large popping sound was heard echoing throughout the monastery.