Study: 25-Foot-Tall Asian Women Remain Underrepresented In Media

Illustration for article titled Study: 25-Foot-Tall Asian Women Remain Underrepresented In Media

WASHINGTON—According to a study released Wednesday by the Center for Media and Social Research, 25-foot-tall Asian women are still vastly underrepresented in the nation’s mainstream media. “When Americans turn on the television or pick up a fashion magazine, they’re simply seeing very few, if any, depictions of 25-foot-tall Asian women,” said lead researcher Jessica Harris, who added that despite visibly towering above almost every major region in the country, 25-foot-tall Asian women remain notably absent from all but 1 percent of the films, newspaper articles, and novels surveyed. “Even in the rare cases in which 25-foot-tall Asian women are portrayed in the media, our study found them in stereotypical roles such as cleaning homes, performing secretarial duties, terrorizing the Eastern Seaboard, or raising children.” Harris went on to condemn the need for trailblazing 25-foot-tall Asian women like Lucy Liu to hide their heights with trick photography.

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