Illustration for article titled Study Finds 68% Of Americans Unprepared For Sudden Financial Stability

AMES, IA—Noting that most Americans never consider the possibility that such life-altering circumstances could ever befall them, a study published Monday by researchers at Iowa State University revealed that 68 percent of citizens are wholly unprepared for a sudden bout of financial stability. “We found that, given their lack of any forethought or preparation for such a scenario, roughly two-thirds of Americans would be completely blindsided by an unexpected increase in their monthly net income, which would have an immediate impact on every single financial decision they make,” said the report’s lead author, Rebecca Linsky, who added that, when abruptly faced with an unforeseen solvent patch, a majority of Americans would quickly find themselves racked by stressful choices regarding which luxuries to spend their extra money on after paying their rent and other bills. “Many people never see a comfortable shift in their finances coming, and in the face of such positive cash flow, have little choice but to make sharp, unanticipated adjustments, such as no longer cutting back on little things like eating out and going to movies.” Linsky emphasized, however, that thanks to the current economic environment and prevailing government policies, most citizens would likely never have to experience such a jarring period of financial security.

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