Illustration for article titled Study Finds ‘Auld Lang Syne’ Good Enough Song To Be Belted Out On Other Occasions, Too

ATLANTA—Revealing that the Scottish standard was surprisingly versatile, the music department of Emory University published a new study Tuesday finding that Auld Lang Syne was a good enough song to be belted out on occasions other than New Year’s Eve. “According to our data, Auld Lang Syne sounds just as great at birthday parties and holidays such as a Thanksgiving or Halloween are a great time to throw your arms around loved ones and sing the festive tune,” said head researcher Martin Sean Hayes, who spearheaded the eight-year, multi-million-dollar study that asked participants worldwide to sing the song in unison at baptisms, high school graduations, and funerals. “Whether during a quinceanera celebration, a St. Patrick’s Day parade, or an Easter egg hunt, you really can’t go wrong with this classic. Time and time again, we found that grabbing hold of your dearest friends and belting out ‘Should old acquaintance be forgot’ produced a spike in endorphins among participants. You could even just mutter it to yourself while walking around the neighborhood. Test it out, you’ll feel great.” In a related report, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania published a study finding Happy Birthday is more than worthy of being enjoyed year-round. 

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