Study Finds Controlling, Possessive Behavior Most Pure Expression Of Love

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BALTIMORE—Examining the various ways humans exhibit deep affection for one another, a new study published Monday by sociologists at Johns Hopkins University determined that controlling, possessive behavior was by far the most pure expression of love. “Our research found that people who demand to know and approve of their partner’s every move were displaying the most unadulterated form of fondness and devotion,” said study coauthor Dr. Tricia Fielding, adding that the deepest levels of intimacy were most prevalent among couples who regularly engaged in violent exhibitions of jealousy and made every attempt to isolate their significant other from friends and family. “According to the data, while showing trust and respect were also manifestations of love, they were not nearly as genuine as completely smothering someone to the point you’ve intruded into literally every aspect of their lives.” The study comes on the heels of another report that concluded the longevity of a relationship largely depends on how well couples communicate that their partner will never find someone else to love them if they ever leave.


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