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HOUSTON—Emphasizing the practice’s many health benefits, a new study released Friday by the Baylor College of Medicine found that new mothers who ate their doctor after birth were able to reabsorb many essential nutrients and minerals lost during the delivery process. “Among women who had just gone through labor, those who chose to immediately ingest their ob-gyn saw their body’s iron, calcium, and protein levels recover at rates much faster than those who did not,” said lead researcher Linda Kalb, who noted that those who also consumed a small fraction of their medical team, even an attending nurse, experienced fewer instances of postpartum depression on average and enjoyed marked improvements in mother–infant bonding. “While it’s certainly not for everyone, and actively frowned upon in certain communities, many women say that they find it both primal and empowering to eat their delivering physician. As it’s grown in popularity, we’ve even seen mothers start the process as early as in the hospital room.” Kalb added that research on the topic remains fairly new, and most doctors remain highly opposed to the idea.


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