WASHINGTON—Offering insight into the extreme fluctuations in humans’ emotional state, a study published Friday by the American Psychological Association finds that the most severe mood shifts tend to occur between the point in time at which individuals leave their workplace for lunch and the point at which they are compelled to return afterwards. “According to our research, there is no greater mood swing than that experienced by an employee who had exited his office in anticipation of sitting down to a pleasant Honey BBQ Chicken Salad, and who now must trudge back to his desk and resume working for four or more hours,” said lead researcher Amanda Gibbons, pointing to data comparing the peak concentration of serotonin in an employee’s brain when he steps foot in the direction of a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings or sub shop and the drastically reduced levels of these neurotransmitters recorded when he walks back through his workplace’s lobby and resumes staring at his computer screen. “Additionally, we found that this vast gulf in mood only intensifies when a worker orders a Game Changer Ale with his meal and then returns to work to find that he has received upwards of 10 new work emails since he began his lunch break.” Gibbons added that this drastic change in mood was only rivaled by the variance recorded across the 30- or 60-minute period between an individual excitedly sitting down to watch a new episode of his favorite television show and the subsequent depression experienced upon the program’s conclusion.

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