Study Finds More Americans Waiting To Start Secret Second Families Until Later In Life

HYATTSVILLE, MD—With the harsh economic climate making it harder than ever to juggle the costs of two households, a report released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics has found that more Americans are waiting until later in life to start a secret second family. “According to our data, married men with kids are increasingly likely to put off taking on a mistress in another state, setting her up in a place, and fathering additional children with her, at least until they become more established in their careers,” said NCHS director Charles J. Rothwell, noting that wage stagnation has made it more difficult for workers to command a salary sufficient to cover the mortgage on a second suburban home and fund two separate trips to Disney World each year. “It’s not uncommon these days for men to wait until they’re well into middle age before they start to live a secret double life. When you’re supporting six children spread across a thousand miles, you spend a lot of money just shuttling back and forth between both families under the pretense of business travel, let alone paying for double the Christmases and birthdays.” The study also found that, due to economic pressures, an increasing number of married men are electing not to start a secret second family at all, opting instead to lead a quieter life of routine adultery.

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