Study: Majority Of Baseball Games Between Twins, A’s

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LINCOLN, NE—According to a comprehensive new study published Wednesday by the University of Nebraska, the vast majority of Major League Baseball games are played between the Minnesota Twins and the Oakland Athletics. “Our research has conclusively shown that out of the entirety of professional baseball games held in the United States, over 85 percent are regular-season matchups between the Twins and the A’s,” said lead researcher Alex Morrell, adding that virtually every MLB game over the past 40 years has pitted the A’s against the Twins in Minneapolis. “If you were to, say, choose any game throughout the week at random, there’s an overwhelming probability that you would see A’s pitcher Sonny Gray starting on the mound, with Brian Dozier leading off for the Twins.” Morrell added that of the small remaining percentage of major league games, none whatsoever involve the San Diego Padres.