Stuff On TV Show Always Going Wrong

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CAPITOLA, CA—Finding himself baffled by how routinely everyday situations go awry for the trouble-prone characters on his favorite program, television viewer Lawrence Bedrosian remarked Wednesday on the uncanny regularity with which the stuff on the TV show goes completely wrong. “It’s, like, at the beginning of every episode everything is completely fine, and then, suddenly, someone has a personal reason to do something that just messes things up so that the characters have to deal with it,” said Bedrosian, evidently puzzled at how the protagonists can never catch a break and just live their lives due to the constant necessity of dealing with unexpected and often ludicrous events. “You’re presented, at first, with what looks like the beginning of a normal day, but then, bam! Not even five minutes in, there’s some ludicrous incident involving an out-of-proportion personal reaction from somebody that creates high stakes for everyone involved. I’d be constantly frustrated if I were one of them. Their lives must be unusually stressful.” At press time, Bedrosian was perplexed by a stream of bad decisions resulting in a situation made worse by each character’s personal quirks, which ultimately culminated in a race to get the horse out of the apartment before the girls arrived.