Subway Drops Jared Fogle As Spokesperson

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MILFORD, CT—Claiming that his actions no longer reflect the company’s values, fast food restaurant chain Subway announced Monday that it has dropped convicted pedophile Jared Fogle as its corporate spokesperson. “After careful consideration of the allegations against him, we have determined that it is in everyone’s best interests for Subway to part ways with Jared,” the company’s public relations manager Kyle Bertram told reporters, adding that Fogle, who was incarcerated in 2015 after pleading guilty to having sex with a minor, as well as possessing and distributing child pornography, would be removed from all advertisements and taken off the company’s payroll, effective immediately. “While the decision to end our 17-year relationship with Jared was not an easy one, we ultimately feel that his legal troubles preclude him from continuing to serve as the face of Subway. Nonetheless, we thank him for his years of service.” Bertram added that although Fogle will no longer appear in Subway commercials and other promotional materials, the company would consider reinstating him as its spokesperson after Fogle concludes his prison sentence in 2029.