Supercuts Now Offering To Give Customers Baths For $14.99

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MINNEAPOLIS—In an effort to enhance the grooming experience at the company’s more than 2,400 locations, Supercuts announced Friday that they are now offering customer baths starting at $14.99. “Just because we provide great bathing value doesn’t mean we have to skip out on any of the tubside amenities our clients need,” said Supercuts CEO Steve Price in a press conference, adding that each full-service scrub-down would last approximately 10 luxurious, cleansing minutes at the hands of a highly trained Supercuts bathing technician. “After a long, stressful day at work, I’m not sure there’s anything better than a truly thorough body washing—and our hosts have been instructed to really get in there with the loofa. Believe me, it’s incredibly refreshing. We’re still working on putting in changing rooms at most locations, but for just $5 extra, we’ll add bubbles and a floating toy of your choice.” Price noted that customers would be given the opportunity to return to the salon within a week of their ablutions for a free touch-up hosing.