I Believe My Experience Working On Films Such As ‘Seven,’ ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ and ‘World War Z’ Would Make Me A Valuable Asset To Your Next Action Movie

To become box office hits, today’s motion pictures require dedicated, hardworking actors with the talent and know-how required to execute a quality performance on screen. While I know you have many good candidates to choose from when casting your production, I believe my experience working on films such as Seven,

$80 Million Movie Scrapped After Footage Reveals Brad Pitt Had Spinach Stuck In Teeth For Entire Film

LOS ANGELES—Director Andrew Dominik announced Saturday that he was forced to scrap a new $80 million motion picture after reviewing footage and finding that the film’s star, Brad Pitt, had a piece of spinach wedged between his front teeth throughout the three-month shoot. “It’s unfortunate, because Brad’s performance…