Newly Uncovered Journals Reveal Alexander Graham Bell Invented Telephone As First Step In Consolidating All American Businesses Into Single Monopoly

BADDECK, NOVA SCOTIAā€”Researchers reportedly uncovered new journals Wednesday that revealed Alexander Graham Bell originally invented the telephone as the first step in consolidating all American businesses into a single monopoly. ā€œApparently overlooked until now, Bellā€™s papers indicate that from his earliestā€¦

Kanye West: ā€˜I Wouldā€™ve Ridden Away From A Slave Plantation On A Motorcycle First Chance I Gotā€™

LOS ANGELESā€”Insisting that the legal, centuries-long practice of slavery in America could never have limited his personal or artistic ambitions, Kanye West stated Wednesday that if he had been born into captivity, he would have simply escaped the plantation on his motorcycle ā€œthe first chance [he] got.ā€ ā€œIf that slaveā€¦

Netanyahu Provides Stunning New Evidence That Iranians Planned Sacking Of Babylon In 539 B.C.

TEL AVIV, ISRAELā€”Presenting the documents as proof that Iran entered the Joint Comprehensive Plan nuclear agreement in bad faith, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday provided what he is calling ā€œstunning new evidenceā€ that Iranians planned the 539 B.C. sacking of Babylon. ā€œThis trove of recentlyā€¦

Controversial Theory Suggests Aliens May Have Built Ancient Egyptā€™s Intergalactic Spaceport

CAIROā€”Claiming that one of the worldā€™s most famous and iconic historic structures couldnā€™t have been constructed using the resources available at the time, proponents of a controversial new theory suggested this week that aliens may have built Egyptā€™s ancient intergalactic spaceport. ā€œArchaeologists say the Greatā€¦

Recently Discovered 13,000-Year-Old Footprints Reveal Humans Danced The Charleston Earlier Than First Thought

CALVERT ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIAā€”In a discovery that defies all current theories concerning when developing humans began to kick up their heels, researchers confirmed Tuesday that a recently discovered set of distinctively patterned footprints found preserved in 13,000-year-old Canadian mud may reveal humans dancedā€¦

Historians Say It Still A Mystery How People In Ancient Times Didnā€™t Just Go Crazy And Kill Themselves

LONDONā€”Citing the eraā€™s indiscriminate violence, rampant disease, constant threat of famine, and near-total absence of personal hygiene, historians at the University of Cambridge reported Wednesday that it was still very much a mystery how people in ancient times didnā€™t just go crazy and fucking kill themselves.ā€¦

Report: Human Bones Found On Remote Pacific Island Most Likely Remains Of Those Eaten By Amelia Earhart

PHOENIX ISLANDS, KIRIBATIā€”Claiming to have uncovered definitive proof that the pioneer aviatrix survived following her mysterious 1937 disappearance, forensic researchers announced Thursday that a variety of human bones found on the remote western Pacific island of Nikumaroro are most likely the remains of those eatenā€¦