Psychologists Advise Practicing Words ‚ÄėPresident Trump‚Äô Over Next 2 Months To Prepare For Inauguration

WASHINGTON‚ÄĒExplaining that people needed to get started soon if they wanted to be ready by January 20, the American Psychological Association issued a statement Friday advising Americans to practice saying the words ‚ÄúPresident Trump‚ÄĚ every day over the next two months in order to prepare themselves to use the phrase‚Ķ

Baby-Faced, Muscular Jimmy Carter Tells Democratic Convention The Future Of Medicine Is Bright

PHILADELPHIA‚ÄĒStriding energetically onto the stage in shorts and a taut tank top, a baby-faced, muscle-bound Jimmy Carter, 91, reportedly told attendees at the Democratic National Convention Thursday that the future of medicine is exceedingly bright. ‚ÄúThe medical advances we‚Äôve made in recent years are astounding, and‚Ķ