Tax Preparation Software Vs. Hiring An Accountant

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Many people use outside help to file their taxes, and are faced with the choice of using a tax-preparation software or paying a CPA to do them. The Onion presents a side-by-side comparison of using software vs. hiring a professional.


Marketing Strategy:

Tax Preparation Software: TurboTax’s Super Bowl commercial featured DJ Khaled

Accountant: Guy in Statue of Liberty costume twirling sign


Tax Preparation Software: A little confusing to select deductions

Accountant: Terrifyingly easy to hand over your whole life to them

Best For:

Tax Preparation Software: Young, single renters with straightforward taxes

Accountant: Accountants


Tax Preparation Software: As long as it takes you to go fill out online forms

Accountant: As long as it takes accountant to fill out online forms

Likelihood Of Having To Make Small Talk About Your Children For A Few Minutes:

Tax Preparation Software: Low

Accountant: High

Thrives On Ignorance:

Tax Preparation Software: Yes

Accountant: Yes

Greatest Benefit:

Tax Preparation Software: Not a human being

Accountant: Not a computer program

Tax Refund:

Tax Preparation Software: Smaller than you hoped

Accountant: Smaller than you hoped

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