Teen's Eulogy Mostly Nickelback Lyrics

FORT WAYNE, IN—A eulogy delivered at St. John's Church yesterday by Joshua Gable, 16, for his late friend Darren Hall, 16, was composed almost entirely of lyrics by the Canadian rock band Nickelback, funeral attendees reported.

"When I got the news that Darren died in the crash, I was, like, so angry, you know?" Gable said. "How could you take his life away? / What made you think you had the right? / And when I heard you let him die / And made the world all wonder why / I sat at home and on my own / I cried alone."


Hall then proceeded to recite more lyrics from additional Nickelback songs, including "Fly" and "Savin' Me," which reportedly left fellow classmates in tears, but prompted funeral attendees aged 25 and over to say the eulogy felt repetitive and clichéd, and to wonder aloud why it was so popular.