Tenet's Resignation

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CIA Director George Tenet resigned last week, claiming that the decision was "personal" and unconnected to recent controversies. What do you think?

"'Resign' is such an ugly word. Let's just agree to say that he was 'fired.'"

Kristopher Williams • Software Engineer

"I know how he feels. I resigned from Pizza Hut for personal reasons after I got caught with 10 pounds of frozen Italian sausage in my backpack."

David Polster • Clerk


"It's too bad he has to go, but if it'll prevent Sept. 11 from ever having happened, I'm all for it."

Joseph Spagnolia • Cleaner

"I guess now we just sit back and wait until Tenet commits suicide by shooting himself multiple times in the back of the head."

Ilene Nash • Jeweler


"It's no surprise Tenet resigned for personal reasons, considering the strain he was under overseeing the CIA, attending night classes, and raising six kids all by himself."

James Morse • Systems <br>Analyst

"He put in seven years, and for what? A brass plaque that's actually a camera, and a gold watch that kills people."

Mary Myers • Teacher Assistant