Texas-Cheerleader Crackdown

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Last week, the Texas House of Representatives approved a bill banning "overtly sexually suggestive" high-school cheerleading routines. What do you think?

"See?! See what happens when you bring it on, Kirsten Dunst?!"

Erik Booth • Systems Analyst

"If we outlawed everything some people find offensive, there wouldn't even be a Texas in the first place."

Cindy Campos • Lifeguard


"Is there a way to comment on this without seeming like a huge perv? All right then, I like the jiggling. Are you happy?"

Jon Patell • Loan Clerk

"Texas lawmakers: always on the vanguard of educational reform."

Dianne Pruitt • Store Owner


"The law needs to differentiate clearly between lewd cheerleading and regular cheerleading. I've been masturbating to both for quite some time, and trust me, there are subtle differences."

Alvin Humphrey • Laser Engineer

"As a former Texas football player, I've gotta say I never noticed the cheerleaders. Don't tell the other guys, though, 'cause they'd kick the shit outta me if they knew that I was gay."

Alex Stafford • Laundry Worker