Texas Instruments Announces New Plug-And-Play TI-83 Classic

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Get ready for a blast of nostalgia! Texas Instruments just announced they’re launching a plug-and-play TI-83 Classic that comes preloaded with two dozen games such as ZTetris and 9sweeper.

For just $79.99, you’ll get a miniature version of the vintage graphing calculator, alongside a unit-to-unit cable and a wide range of gaming applications, including all-time classics like Block Dude, Uncle Worm, and an unauthorized version of Pong.


“For years, fans have been clamoring for a way to relive the games that once defined the period between their pre-calc and social studies classes,” said Texas Instruments CEO Rich Templeton, who revealed that the TI-83 Classic will hook up directly to any TV to let users appreciate the full fidelity of the original calculator’s 64-by-96-pixel grayscale graphics. “We’re finally giving fans the chance to experience the definitive versions of games like Joltima, Snake, and Maze 3D II in a convenient, all-in-one package.”

“Just wait until you see how PuzzPack looks up on your 5K flatscreen TV—it’s an absolutely stunning experience,” he added.


While the full lineup of games for the TI-83 Classic hasn’t been released yet, company representatives did confirm that they were not able to secure the rights to include the colorless Mario 2.0 due to licensing issues. However, they did note that the TI-83 would come equipped with a full line of Sin, Cos, and Tan Trigonometry functions, as well as the ability to type out classic pixelated phrases to show to friends such as “80085” and “3M0K3 4FTR CL4SS?”

If that isn’t enough to get Texas Instruments fans to pick up one of these for its holiday release, then we don’t know what will!