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YERINGTON, NV—Saying the communications ranged from minor procedures to urgent trips to the emergency room, local man Hector Garcia told reporters Monday that his text message history with his mother read as a succinct chronology of all his relatives’ hospital visits. “It’s all here—this is when Grandpa fell and had to be rushed to St. John’s, and there’s when Aunt Gloria got her appendectomy,” said Garcia, scrolling through the texts that indicated the date and time of each trip to the hospital, punctuated with only a few reminders for him to call. “My sister breaking her ankle. And, yup, there’s Grandpa again. You’d probably have to go out as far as third cousins for a hospital visit not to be listed here.” Garcia added that the comprehensive text archive in no way prevented his mother from talking about every one of the hospital visits subsequently on the phone.

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