The Al-Qaeda Captives

U.S. leaders are divided over whether al-Qaeda detainees in Cuba should be classified as POWs and protected under Geneva Convention laws. What do you think?

"Goddammit, just when we finally get some prisoners, everybody wants us to be all nice to them."

Roger Koss • File Clerk


"I have to admit, it's funny the way those Marines had them bowing twice a day in the direction of Oscar Mayer world headquarters."

Donald Matthews • Architect

"This is a totally different situation. Those Geneva Convention laws were written back when we were fighting white people."

Bruce Nowell • Systems Analyst


"Geneva Convention, Schmeneva Convention. Refute that, if you possess the erudition."

Marcus Moore • Landscaper

"We need to rough up these al-Qaeda guys a little if we're ever going to get them to confess who the one true God is."

Diana George • Homemaker


"I don't think we should risk making martyrs of these men. Notice I said 'martyrs,' not 'quadriplegics.'"

Danielle Lund • Florist

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