The Axis Of Evil

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President Bush's State of the Union pronouncement that North Korea, Iran, and Iraq represent an "Axis of Evil" continues to spark debate. What do you think?

"These 'Axis of Evil' nations are no more a threat than Libya, Syria, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, or the Sudan. We've got nothing to worry about."

Ellen Demuth • Physical Therapist

"I strongly feel that our conflict with the Axis of Evil should not be settled on the battlefield, but in the pro-wrestling ring."

John Yancey • Systems Analyst


"Perhaps air-dropping food on these countries we just pissed off might help ease tensions."

Rich Hoegert • Claims Processor

"We should not try to stop the access of Evel. That man is a national treasure and should be allowed to move freely in whatever stadiums or canyon gorges he likes."

Aimee Chambers • Student


"Calling Iran part of an 'Axis of Evil' may cause average Americans to lump moderates like Mohammad Khatami in with extremists like Ali Khamenei and Hashemi Rafsanjami."

Rob Russell • Pool Cleaner

"Aw, shit, not another Axis. That last one kicked our asses."

Anderson King • Attorney