The Ban On Travel To Cuba

The House of Representatives recently voted to end the decades-old restriction prohibiting travel to Cuba. What do you think?

"But if we impose sanctions for just one more year, we could still win the Cold War."

Charlie Todd • Financial Examiner

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"What flake thought up this stupid bill? Oh, U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)."

Mary Regan • Appraiser

"Tom DeLay claims lifting restrictions will support Fidel's 'thugocracy.' And who would know better than an elected Thugocrat?"

Porter Mason • Podiatrist


"Our country should not recognize the tyrant Castro until the land that belonged to the tyrant Batista is returned to its rightful mob owners."

David Berman • Paramedic

"Making Cuba accessible to Americans would encourage reforms there, as it did in the once-oppressive republics of the Bahamas, Aruba, and South Padre Island."

Jane Borden • Systems Analyst


"We all know imposing sanctions doesn't work. It seems our only option is to strike now."

Rob Webber • Sales Agent