The Best Things We Watched And Read In 2021

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The year 2021 saw us consuming more content than ever as we soldiered through the second year of the coronavirus pandemic. The Onion brings you the best things we watched and read in 2021.

Dune: Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the novel about a dangerous desert planet with giant sandworms made us appreciate that Earth is still a couple decades away from that.


Scenes From A Marriage: Watchable if you can get past the unrealistic thought of anyone wanting to divorce Oscar Isaac.

Empire Of Pain: The Secret History Of The Sackler Dynasty: The best how-to guide for becoming successful and filthy rich that’s been published in years.


Will Smith’s TikTok: Shit, what time is it? How long were we scrolling?

Beautiful World, Where Are You: Sally Rooney’s third consecutive bestseller tells the harrowing story of how she’s only 30 and more successful than you’ll ever be.


Only Murders In The Building: The show’s creators were painstakingly careful to ensure that none of the murders could be misconstrued as manslaughter, involuntary or otherwise.

Selling Sunset: Got us through two weeks of June.

Cowboy Bebop: While it may not be a hit with viewers who missed the original animated series, it definitely isn’t a hit with viewers who caught the original animated series.


Father’s Will: We always knew we were his favorite but it’s still nice to have it in writing.