The Biggest Titles Announced At The PS5 Game Lineup Event

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Lo and behold, gamers! With the announcement of the Playstation 5’s launch lineup late last week, the next generation is finally upon us. Here are some of the titles we’re most excited to get our hands on to really get a taste of the promised revolution in mind-melting graphics, pulse-pounding gameplay, and all-out immersiveness.

Gran Turismo 7: After Gran Turismo 6’s cliffhanger ending, this new installment promises to finally answer one of the series’ greatest overarching mysteries: Do these cars serve humanity, or does humanity serve them?


Horizon: Forbidden West: Guerrilla Games continues their reign as the most imaginative sci-fi writers in gaming by dreaming up a future in which the foresightless greed of tech companies has rendered San Francisco almost impossible to live in.

Resident Evil 8: Village: Capitalizing on the popularity of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, gamers take control of protagonist Ethan Winters as he attempts to turn a spooky village into a thriving island paradise. No more killing vicious monsters, just farming crops and building furniture.


Grand Theft Auto 5: Enhanced Edition: Rockstar’s latest lets gamers step into the shoes of the ultimate sucker, the kind of brainless sap who would pay full price for an eight-year-old game that was free a month ago.

Astro’s Playroom: Sony is including this tech demo free with every PS5, but if you’d like to pay extra for it, they’re open to that, too.


NBA 2K21: With the much-heralded addition of the 3-point shot, strap in for the most realistic basketball game on the market.

Deathloop: Bethesda’s latest places you into the role of a character stuck in a time-loop, a wildly inventive premise that gives gamers a taste of what it would be like if they could respawn in a video game.


Project Athia: Some more well-rendered fantasy bullshit that should be good to eat up time until the first real PS5 game comes out