The Case For And Against Letting Children Play Video Games

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Video games are often cited as a cause of violence or detachment in children. Here are the cases for and against allowing children to play video games:


  • Develops high-level thumb coordination needed to compete in today’s global economy
  • Avatar capable of running 50 yards without wheezing an excellent role model
  • Paying $14.99 for a DLC package with three measly new maps quickly teaches the value of a dollar
  • Never too early to get kids thinking about their post-apocalyptic future
  • Evidence suggests that video games slow the aging process among the 18-to-34 male demographic
  • Instills a valuable sense of caution around turtles
  • Deck already pretty stacked in favor of an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle as it is


  • Plugging in system carries very real electrocution risk
  • Way too many species of Pokémon at this point for a kid to jump in cold
  • Golden age of television isn’t going to watch itself
  • Can increase violent tendencies depending on how recently game was autosaved
  • Completing games may lead children to believe that life’s problems are similarly solvable
  • Only matter of time before child overtakes your high score
  • Blurring of fantasy and reality best left to organized religion