The Church Sex Scandal

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A growing sex-abuse scandal is engulfing the Catholic Church, with many priests accused of sexually molesting children. What do you think?

"Where in the Bible does it forbid someone to pin a 10-year-old behind a large cooler of Kool-Aid in a church basement?"

Chris Davis • Lawyer

"Catholic priests are being unfairly singled out as pedophiles. We must not forget the music teachers and hockey coaches."

Don Lawson • File Clerk


"This is just secular, liberal-media hysteria over thousands of grade-schoolers getting ass-raped."

Phil Ormond • Cab Driver

"Hey, if Abraham was willing to kill his son for God, the least a devout Catholic can do is let his kid get cornholed here and there."

Paul George • Accountant


"Wine, candles, incense, frilly little frocks… you can see how it sets a mood."

Sheila Rutt • Systems Analyst

"Now that it's out in the open, the healing can begin. Except for the kids."

Danielle Krug • Speech Therapist