The Cigarette Tax

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Twenty-two states are considering raising cigarette taxes to generate extra revenue, and in New York City, the cost of a pack may reach $7. What do you think?

"I think that if these politicians enjoyed a nice, relaxing smoke once in a while, they wouldn't propose such uptight laws."

Patti Courson • Receptionist

"The government is such a bunch of suckers. I haven't reported my cigarettes on my taxes once."

Frederick Purcell • Systems Analyst


"I don't care if they raise the price, because I'm the guy in the bar who doesn't smoke except when he drinks. Got a cigarette?"

Todd Kantner • Bus Driver

"How can I afford smokes now, especially with a baby on the way?"

Danielle Dawes • Waitress


"The government has a right to tax unhealthy products because, after all, they pay for health care. What? They don't?"

Richard McCall • Contractor

"Well, $7 seems like a reasonable price to pay to calm my shakes and jitters over not having any fucking money."

Mike Dutler • Machinist