The Crisis In Sudan

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The U.S. has threatened economic action against the Sudanese government if it fails to disarm Arab militias, but some doubt it will curb the violence. What do you think?

"If we help these people now, we'll have to help them every time their women are being raped by the thousands and their children are being slaughtered like cattle."

Stacy Heckel • Systems Analyst

"Another African genocide? All right, I'll care—but this is absolutely the last time."

Daniel Mears • Radiologic Technician


"When dealing with genocide, you must ask yourself, "What would Hitler do?" And then, you know, do the opposite."

Jeremy Larson • Audiologist

"That reminds me. I could use a nice new sedan. Hell, I deserve one."

George Wolf • Chiropractor


"Wait. Is this a real genocide or just one of those reality-TV celebrity genocides?"

Mark Garrett • Manager

"Well, I don't want to sound overly partisan here. But tentatively, yes, I do oppose genocide."

Gina Grunwald • Treasurer