The Hardest Boss Battles Of All Time

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There’s nothing like triumphing over a nigh-unbeatable boss, and no amount of screaming or controller throwing can convince us otherwise. But a few boss battles rise above the pack as truly unforgettable gaming experiences. Here is OGN’s definitive list of the the hardest boss battles of all time.

Mewtwo (Pokémon Red And Blue):

This one-of-a-kind final Pokémon is notorious for disarming opponents with its pure sexual magnetism, forcing even the most skilled trainers to wonder if they should just throw it all away for one crazy weekend of passion.


Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid):

This gas-mask-wearing mindreader is literally impossible to beat until you figure out you just have to unplug your controller, eject the game, break it over your knee, and never think about one of these bloated examples of Hideo Kojima’s exhausting creative vision again.


Mike Tyson (Punch Out):

Modeled after the real-life Mike Tyson in every way, whenever you have this character on the ropes, he simply declares bankruptcy to get out of trouble.


Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.):

While on the surface Master Hand appears to be just any old disembodied hand, it’s actually an identical replica of the hands of one of the greatest combat artists of our time, Jackie Chan, thus making this battle a tough one to win.


Rajang (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne):

Even the most battle-hardened hunters find themselves disarmed by the quiet dignity behind this monster’s eyes, the undeniable spark of soul that makes you stop and ask why its life should be considered any less meaningful than your own. This provides just the opening Rajang needs to seamlessly combo into its one-shot lightning beam attack and obliterate your character.


Bowser (Super Mario 64):

Grabbing Bowser by the tail and spinning him around may seem like an easy task, but it’s made all the more difficult by Mario’s hands being covered in bacon grease. Unfortunately, eating bacon is the only way to restore health in this game, meaning Bowser will likely slip from your grasp over and over again.


Toad (Super Mario Bros.):

It’s been 35 years since its release, and still no one has found a way to kill this awful little man.


Tony Hawk (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3):

Anyone who’s played this skateboarding classic remembers its soul-crushing finale, in which your mom steps in the room and asks you to pause the game so that you can talk about something important before bringing you into the kitchen to meet your new stepdad.