The In-Flight Cell-Phone Ban

The FCC is currently reviewing its ban on the use of cell phones during flights, but many passengers say they like the restriction. What do you think?

"If they lift the ban on cell-phone use, they better lift the ban on passengers beating the shit out of each other, too."

Carla Sparks • Chef


"But…but…what about the disastrous effect cell phones could have on aircraft navigational systems?! Nooo!"

Gordan Rami • Repairman

"I don't know. Last year, the airlines lifted the ban on seat-kicking and look what happened."

Brenda Ellis-Lee • Salesperson

"Awesome! Now I can call my girlfriend and join the Mile High Solo club."

Joe Callister • Cashier

"What an ideal marriage of the Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell. And Kafka. And Pavlov. And Mengele."

Tyler Wilson • Systems Analyst

"Now the only thing left is to fill the cabin with ankle-deep brackish ice water, and air travel will be about perfect."

Toby Leiffert • Teacher