The Interest-Rate Hike

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Last week, the Federal Reserve raised a key short-term interest rate for the first time in four years. What do you think?

"It's about time Greenspan got off his duff and did something other than sit around the office all day analyzing market indicators."

Danielle Strohkirch • Secretary

"As long as the rate hike makes it tougher for terrorists to afford the tools of terror, I'll support it."

Justin Fillmore • Dental Hygienist


"Perfect. Just perfect. First my wife leaves me, then my son dies in a car accident, and now this?"

Michael Eighmy • Systems Analyst

"Classic move by the Fed Chief there. Man, Greenspan—gotta love him."

Tony Fields • Audiologist


"The lenders should fight the Feds and refuse to raise the rates. Come on, America. We can do this."

Jason Forst • Performer

"How does the Federal Reserve sleep at night? More to the point, how does it stay awake during the day?"

Christine Cain • Veterinarian