The iPhone Turns 10

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A decade ago today, Apple released the iPhone and revolutionized the way humans use technology. Here’s a look back at the evolution of the iPhone:


Ah, what fools we were, to be bewitched by such primitive features!

iPhone 4

This model was the first to include FaceTime, which Steve Jobs originally developed as a way to scream at employees face-to-face without having to leave his office

iPhone 4S

This is where they should have stopped

iPhone 5

With a high-resolution 326 ppi screen, the iPhone 5 was by far the most disappointing to drop on the ground and shatter


iPhone 5S

As soon as this model was released, every iPhone 5 began to emit a foul odor

iPhone Cruiser

Older Americans loved the Cruiser’s classic 1930s-inspired styling and wood paneling


iPhone 6

Customers were furious when this model was released with 19,860 pictures of Bono pre-loaded into the photo gallery


iPhone 6SSS

Took them a few S’s to get this one right, but they really nailed it on the third iteration


iPhone 7S Plus

Plans to release this plus-sized model were scrapped after technicians realized they’d accidentally created the Samsung QLED 55-inch TV


The New One

According to everyone who has seen it, The New One is amazing and will make your phone look like crap