The Longest Championship Droughts In Sports History

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As the Chicago Cubs enter the NLCS seeking their first World Series title since 1908, Onion Sports examines the most notable championship droughts in history.

Detroit Lions (1957-Present):

The NFL franchise was famously cursed with 50 years of bad luck in 1958, which means all of their losses since 2008 have just been their own goddamn fault


Atlanta Hawks (1958-Present):

A second championship has eluded the franchise ever since the NBA’s expansion in 1961 forced them to compete with a ninth team


Chicago Cubs (1908-Present):

A streak that many White Sox fans have fortunately died without ever seeing end

Spencer Gore (1877-Present):

Nearly 140 years after winning the very first tournament at Wimbledon, Gore has yet to repeat his success


San Diego Padres (1969-Present):

The Padres have the distinction of holding the longest championship drought that no one gives a shit about


New Orleans Saints (1967-2010):

The Saints won only one of the four Super Bowls necessary to fully heal New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina


Boston Red Sox (1918-2004):

The team’s 86-year “Curse of the Bambino” was finally reversed in 2004 with the black magic of sabermetrics


The City of Minneapolis (1991-Present):

No Minneapolis franchise has claimed a championship in 25 years, excluding three, maybe four WNBA titles


University of Alabama Football (2015-Present):

After going 21 months without a national championship, many Crimson Tide fans are beginning to lose faith that they’ll ever win one again


Cleveland Browns (1964-2032):

The Browns’ drought is expected to end after 68 years with the formal dissolution of the NFL