The NYC Smoking Ban

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New York is one of a number of U.S. cities considering a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. What do you think?

"This is a victory for annoying people like me who call cigarettes 'coffin nails' and 'cancer sticks' and all that sort of stuff."

Shelly Sabel • Lighting <br>Designer

"Has Amnesty International heard about this?"

Jef Awada • Real-Estate <br>Agent


"I can't stand cigarette smoke, but no one seems to care down at the Drink & Smoke & Drink & Smoke Tavern."

Tom Epstein • Actor

"Now that New York has addressed the problem of secondhand smoke, maybe they'll tackle the problem of secondhand human-waste stench."

Jim Mackil • Advertising <br>Executive


"But what will I draw slowly on to indicate that I'm contemplating what's been said by my dinner companion?"

Dennis <br>McCormack • Systems <br>Analyst

"As a bar waitress, I'm glad someone is protecting my right to work in a bar that doesn't make any money."

Elizabeth <br>Gabbay • Waitress