The Onion Fact-Checks Claims About The Ukraine Conflict

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a deluge of claims made by politicians, the media, and social media users, many of which do not stand up to scrutiny. The Onion fact-checks claims made about the conflict in Ukraine.

CLAIM: Russia’s attack on Ukraine will lead to nuclear war.
REALITY: Ramping up to that point does not look likely at this time, despite American media’s best efforts.


CLAIM: Hunter Biden was spotted fleeing a freshly bombed bank vault in Kyiv with giant sacks of cash under his arms.
REALITY: Nobody cares what Hunter Biden is up to.

CLAIM: If the U.S. military gets involved, President Biden will reauthorize the draft.
REALITY: President Obama quietly reauthorized the draft during his last days in office.


CLAIM: Russia claimed Ukraine is harboring biological weapons. REALITY: Fabricating allegations about enemies holding biological weapons is America’s job.

CLAIM: Rudy Giuliani is a valued Russian asset acting against Ukraine in service of the Kremlin.
REALITY: Rudy Giuliani has not been of value to anyone for years.


CLAIM: The global economic system’s over-reliance on fossil fuels gives oil companies the ability to arbitrarily increase prices, and Western political leaders who directly profit from their relationships to oil companies repeatedly lie that they have no ability to reign them in.

CLAIM: Bogus “fact-checking” is being used to spread misinformation about the conflict. 
REALITY: That’s not what says.


CLAIM: This will be the start of World War III.
REALITY: We’ve been in the midst of World War III for a few decades now.