The Onion Guide To Trump-Backed Truth Social

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Truth Social, a new social media platform backed by former President Donald Trump, soft-launched on Sunday and is already courting controversy. The Onion tells you everything you need to know about Truth Social.

Q: Why does Truth Social look like Twitter?
A: To ease the learning curve for bots.


Q: Who is Truth Social for?
A: Whichever capital rioters haven’t been convicted yet.

Q: How many users does it have? 
A: Millions are waiting to use and mock the site if it ever starts functioning properly.


Q: How will Trump Social handle hate speech?
A: By curating the best of it and putting it at the top of users’ feeds.

Q: How is this different from Gettr, Parler, or Gab?
A: It’s new.

Q: Who’s the most active user on Truth Social?
A: The FBI.

Q: How will Truth Social keep subscribers?
A: By ensuring its users alienate all human connection outside the app.


Q: This is definitely not a pyramid scheme, right? 
A: Absolutely not. It’s more of a tax scam.

Q: Will it forever change the face of social media and put the power of free communication back in the hands of the people? 
A: No.