The Onion’s Fall 2020 TV Preview

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While the coronavirus pandemic has caused delays in television production, dozens of new and returning shows are coming to viewers’ TV screens and streaming services this fall. The Onion looks at the most highly anticipated shows of the fall.

Ratched (Netflix): Ryan Murphy’s prequel to One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest explores a grim world where the American healthcare system is brutal and uncaring.


Supermarket Sweep (ABC): Raising the stakes on a classic competition show, contestants search grocery aisles frantically for items that have been sold out since March.

American Ninja Warrior (NBC): They’re just shooting at people this season.

Woke (Hulu): Sometimes when a network executive says they’re looking for a new type of show, you can just name the show after the word they used to describe their vision and they’ll buy it.


Deutschland 89 (Sundance TV): Don’t worry, we’ll save you a write-up for a show you have no intention of ever seeing.

The Weakest Link (NBC): Hey, maybe you kind of remember this? From 15 years ago? Well, guess what?


Funny And Thoughtful Show With Minority Lead (Netflix): This has been canceled.

Houses (HGTV): Houses from both inside and out.

Chef’s Table (Netflix): This season focuses on what famous chefs microwave in the middle of the night when they come home too drunk to cook.


Various Commercials Featuring Employees Wearing Masks Who Seem Happy To Be At Work (Everywhere): Lots more of these.