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The Onion’s Fall 2021 Album Preview

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Fall 2021 will see a bevy of hotly anticipated albums from both well-established and up-and-coming artists, many of which were written and recorded during the coronavirus pandemic. The Onion looks at the most-anticipated albums of fall 2021.

= (Ed Sheeran): Industry experts expect these songs will be played softly in grocery stores for decades to come.

The Metallica Blacklist (Metallica): The band generated widespread excitement with the announcement that their new album will be all covers, but unfortunately the covers are all of their own songs.

God Is Partying (Andrew W.K.): In what may throw off longtime Andrew W.K. fans, this album will be about partying.

Donda (Kanye West): Despite already releasing this long-awaited tribute to his mother, Kanye will almost certainly draw this one out with edits, tweaks, and meltdowns.

Red (Taylor’s Version) (Taylor Swift): This rerelease of the 2012 blockbuster shows an artist willing to push her art to at least 30 tracks.

Music Of The Spheres (Coldplay): A concept album about space and music across a universe where that kind of thing hasn’t already been done by better bands.

Love For Sale (Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga): Before retiring due to Alzheimer’s, Bennett is giving one last shot at making Lady Gaga dial it back a bit.

The Lockdown Sessions (Elton John): The quarantine gave John plenty of time to write 4.5 million different versions of “Candle In The Wind” that honor each person who died from Covid-19.