The Onion’s Guide To QAnon

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The increasingly popular conspiracy theory QAnon was recently the target of a Twitter crackdown, and several of its adherents are running for office across the country. But what is QAnon, exactly? The Onion breaks down the conspiracy theory with its guide to QAnon.

Q: What is QAnon? 

A: A conspiracy theory that posits world leaders are secretly evil rather than openly so.


Q: What do QAnon supporters believe? 

A: That by working together, they can discover a renewed sense of purpose and community.


Q: Who is Q?

A: Oh no, did no one tell you? The cabal executed him for treason this morning.

Q: How do members communicate with each other?

A: In the comments beneath a mutual friend’s completely unrelated Facebook post.

Q: Do all QAnon supporters share the same beliefs?

A: No—fundamentalists tend to read the QAnon text literally, while evangelicals believe it’s an allegory for President Trump’s unfair treatment.


Q: How did Twitter crack down on these dangerous conspiracy theories? 

A: They were immediately removed after being shared thousands of times.

Q: Is QAnon part of the mainstream Republican Party? 

A: No, the fact that they share similar views on race, religion, and politics is totally coincidental.


Q: Shouldn’t the fact that Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested yet disprove the whole conspiracy?

A: Only if you believe that an all-knowing figurehead like Q should somehow be able to know things.


Q: Is imagining clandestine government intrigue more palatable than dwelling on the reality that the American people are under complete control of international corporate interests?

A: Yes.

Q: You’re answering my questions in the exact way that someone who’s been paid off to discredit QAnon would, aren’t you? 


A: That would be some real 5D chess, huh?