OxyContin, a powerful prescription painkiller whose effects have been compared to heroin's, is being abused by a soaring number of drug addicts. What do you think?

"It's been great getting my drugs at Walgreens. The pharmacists there are so much friendlier than that dickbag Zach I used get my shit from."

Rob West • Electrician


"Whoa, hold on there a minute: You can get high off an acne pad?"

Barry Valtierra • Bike Messenger

"You are so lame. They're called Oxys or O.C.'s. No one says 'OxyContin.'"

Dana Schwartz • Student

"Didn't we learn anything from that one Little House On The Prairie where Albert gets hooked on morphine?"

Emily Jay • Homemaker


"While I am strongly opposed to drug abuse, I must applaud the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by addicts when it comes to finding new ways to get off."

Chris Levey • Auto Salesman

"This is exactly why I don't want my kids hanging out with white people."

Raymond Harvey • Systems Analyst