The Pros And Cons Of A Long-Distance Relationship

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Many couples choose to enter long-distance relationships when a partner moves for work, while couples who meet on trips or online begin dating in the hopes they’ll one day live in the same city. Here are some pros and cons of having a long-distance relationship:


  • Efficiently combines the frustration of being in a relationship with the loneliness of being single
  • Girlfriend in other state provides convenient way to ignore your fear of meeting new people
  • More pillows for yourself
  • Technology allows couples to communicate as if Skype session is a prison visit with thick sheet of glass between them
  • Less challenging to pretend significant other is the person you want them to be
  • Have the opportunity to focus on other things that aren’t the love of your life
  • Much, much easier to look camera in the eye and lie
  • Sometimes it’s fun to trick yourself into thinking it could actually work


  • Tough to fit three months’ worth of nagging and resentment into single blowout fight during visit
  • Less quality time with boyfriend’s parents
  • Must compete with endless stream of beautiful, sex-obsessed strangers who line up to sleep with your partner the second your plane leaves the tarmac
  • Many couples need physical intimacy to make a relationship last longer than it should
  • Person you love doesn’t seem to mind living far away from you
  • Can sometimes be confusing to keep track of all your long-distance relationships
  • Two-hour time zone difference nearly impossible to navigate
  • Significant other may not get hint arrangement was polite way of suggesting you break up